Welcome to Cedarbrook K-8 Center

Cedarbrook K-8 Center is a Kindergarten through Eighth grade.  The school is located in the beautiful Van Wyck Brooks historic district of the City of Plainfield.  In September 2018 Cedarbrook will open its doors to well over 690+ students.  Cedarbrook services three smaller learning communities under the umbrella of the K-8 Model.  The Primary School services students in Kindergarten through Grade 2.  The Elementary School services Grades 3 through 5, and the Preparatory School services grades 6 - 8.

Currently, our school has enrolled an enrollment of well over 690+ students from an ethnically diverse student population representative of the demographics of our city. Students receive academic instruction in all core areas including: English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. In addition, students receive instruction in Art, Instrumental and Vocal Music, Physical Education, and World Language. In all of our subject areas, technology is infused as part of the curriculum.

Cedarbrook’s primary grades use McGraw-Hill Education Reading & Math program (k – 5).  The upper grades use the McDougal Little series for literacy and Pearson’s Connected Math Program.  The school fully utilizes instructional technology such as laptops, I Pads, Promethean Boards and other innovative technologies to enhance the instructional curricula.

Along with academics, the sixth through eighth grade Preparatory School students have the opportunity to participate on the various middle school athletic teams. The younger students have the opportunity to participate in various activities such as; Art club, Positive Image club, Instrumental Music club, Public Speaking and Debate, as well as young men and women mentoring clubs throughout the year.

The school is serviced by the Parents and Teachers Together (P.A.T.T.) group. This group comprised of parents a staff promotes partnership and home to school connection. The organization advocates for extra resources and opportunities for the students and staff whenever possible.

The Cedarbrook K-8 Center continues to foster the constant growth of its students as evidenced by their academic and social /emotional development. Cedarbrook’s mission is to create lifelong learners and productive global citizens.

Cedarbrook K-8 Center is forever; “Positive, Productive, and Proud.”